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Face off against the horde of the relentless dark forces within the Trials of the Angkara, where you must fight your way through the horde while figuring the way out. Are you worthy?

Within the public demo, you can test your mettle on one of the five arenas that will be available on the final version of the game.  Visit Tamansari, a beautiful library-archive garden maintained by the Eternal Scholar of Dasamuka before the corruption spreads throughout the lands. Try out the Five Weapons of Samsara to unleash pain to your foes. Fight various foes that will attack you relentlessly, from point-blank range undead horde to the deadeye archers that will give you nightmare.

Demo Contents:

- Single Horde Mode Level

- 5 Weapons

- Various Relics

- Various Enemies to face

- Functional Skillpoint System

What is Angkara: The Horde?

Angkara: The Horde is a mini-game set within the Angkara universe. While the original Angkara itself was shown back in 2021 Realms Deep event, that game will still be years to come. Through the support and guidance of TGFI (Toge Games Fund Initiative), the team of Angkara strife to deliver the best early experience possible for players and interested parties to try and give early feedback, thus we decided to deliver a mini spinoff with its own mechanics and proper gameplay (yes, it's a complete game) for people to experience.

Updated 1 day ago
Published 27 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreShooter, Survival
Tagsarena, FPS, horde, Horror, quake, Retro


AngkaraTheHorde_PublicDemoHotfix2.zip 100 MB

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I discovered this game from Realms Deep 2021 and after I heard the demo is out, I'm excited! And it meets my expectation! I love this! I thought I couldn't run this on my not-gaming laptop because the graphics looks very stunning, but in fact, this game runs really well on it! Caught a little bug when some enemy goes freezed when killed (it didn't do death animation, it's just stand still), but everyting looks great overall! Can't wait for the full version! I'm definitely gonna buy this!

Thanks for trying and glad you're interested in more! and yes, it's definitely still plagued by bugs, we're working to fix some of it! :)

The 'use relic' button doesn't seem to be working, no matter what relic I have equipped pressing E does nothing.

Sorry, there was a mistake, it supposed to be "R" - we will put out a hotfix soon

hotfix is up - now the keybind window will show the correct button, sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for the quick fix!


Cant wait man!


looks cool


Ooooo, ok sounds good. I take it this is horde survival last stand type mini game? Keep up the great work 👍🏾